You can use the filter, if you want to make sure you find the right options. There is also the option of using a credit card for some of your purchases and payments, such as if you are doing some online shopping from overseas stores. Review historical trends for any currency pair up to the last 10 years. Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan - Last updated currency rates according to the Forex Association of Pakistan on 22 Jan, 2021 07:07:59 PM are US Dollar to PKR 160.60, Euro to PKR 193.50, British Pound to PKR 219.00, Saudi Riyal to PKR 42.60, UAE Dirham to PKR 43.70 and Check the list for other foreign currencies. Fast, free currency transfers at bank-beating exchange rates from the UK’s International Money Transfer Provider of the Year (2016, 2017 and 2018). You should start off by using pounds as your initial currency and then calculate how much currency you would get for your pounds. Aftab Currency Exchange Limited (ACEL) is incorporated in United Kingdom with the Companies House, since 5th Aug, 2002 under registration number 04502952. Your third option is to choose a broker like Aftab Currency to send the money overseas. A full list of providers is supplied here; To see how we use, store and share your contact information please read our Privacy Policy. Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. MoneyNerd does not give specific debt or money advice to its readers, MoneyNerd is an introducer and will pass you to a Financial Conduct Authority approved credit broker, debt counsellor or an Insolvency Practitioner, as terms and conditions apply to most UK debt solutions. Review historical trends for any currency pair up to the last 10 years. A currency fee of 2.95% applies to ATM cash withdrawals in a foreign currency outside the UK. You might be confused about why you even need to use a foreign exchange firm when you already have a current account within a UK bank or building society. The Grange, Grange Road, ‎Download apps by Aftab Currency Exchange, including ACE Money Transfer, ACERemit Agent and ACE Referral. “Sun” became the name of our company. Some of the benefits of using your bank include, that it is easy to arrange, you will have help throughout the process, banks are accessible on the high street, and it is safe and protected. Those market exchange rates are generally inter-bank rates that are for wholesale amounts and aren't available for retail consumers. Well I’m glad you’re here, because they aren’t the best option and will probably end up costing you more money. There are scammers everywhere, which can be quite worrying. The process is also extremely slow, painful and can be unsafe. Our head office was the starting point of the UK success story when we commenced business with retail clients and two business associates but after obtaining our Authorized Payment Institution (API) from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) our company has set to become a global name specializing payment services. You don’t really need to use a foreign exchange firm, you can just use your bank instead, and they will even be able to guide you through the whole process. This is a straightforward choice, as you can find high street branches everywhere, with the options of discuss the information in-person, such as within the Post Office or even by looking online. The Brokers will deal with your overseas payment right then and there, and the recipient may receive it on the same day, or within 24 hours. You should always ensure that you make your decision within the same day, as otherwise, you may not benefit from an attractive exchange rate. These firms will be able to take care of the transaction quickly, which is particularly useful if your family member needs access to instant cash. Copyright © 2003-2021 Aftab Currency Exchange Limited is an active company incorporated on 5 August 2002 with the registered office located in Manchester, Greater Manchester. These options each have their own pros and cons, which we will look at in more detail throughout this article. This gives you extra peace of mind and safety with your transaction. The exchange rate Amazon displays may not match those listed in newspapers or other financial databases. You may be sending money overseas to family who are living abroad or your child may be in need of some emergency funds, while they are travelling. MoneyNerd is a trading name of MoneyNerd Limited, registered in England (12915403). Currency rates, currency converter, news and analysis. Which can possible now through our expanded network of agents, correspondence, partner Banks, established branches in Europe, and MTO (Money Transfer Operators) across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia in 30 Countries worldwide to entertain our 350,000 Customers around the globe to send & receive their payments through 30,000 locations that help us to build our credibility and retain customers trust on Aftab Currency Exchange. Aug 11, 2015. Aftab is translated into Farsi, the primary language of Iran, meaning “sun”. Contrarily, when you use foreign exchange firms like Aftab Currency, you will not have this level of security. Unfortunately, HSBC exchange rates for travel money are not very competitive. Local branches will also buy unused currency back. T: +44 161 414 0101 : +44 161 669 6274 The issue with UK banks is that the transaction can be a bit slow, but you will usually have the option of being able to pay a fee to speed the process up, either at the start or the end of the transaction. You will be protected if you use a credit card for payments. However, you should be aware that the fees and cost vary depending on the high street firm. There is no charge for withdrawals from Santander cash machines in Spain using a debit card. Our main tip is to use FCA approved foreign exchange firms like Aftab Currency wherever possible, especially if you are planning to send large sums of money. Rate Alerts. AFTAB CURRENCY EXCHANGE LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity If you do your comparisons, you’ll get a good idea of the general price. Direct debit. You will be able to cover these yourself, if necessary. You may also end up with handling charges from both the UK and foreign exchange sides. Finally decided to channelize our network into new dimension by giving them opportunities to all communities to send their hard earn money back to their home. You shouldn’t sign up until you have double checked that your deal is covered or authorised by the FCA. MissionProvide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our business partners and the communities in which we operate by providing extensive global network to recognize as one of the most innovative money transfer company in all around the world. The company success stems from the expertise and market knowledge of its senior management and this will ensure that the company is well positioned to make a positive impact to the market and will be able to sets itself apart from other remittance providers. In this guide we look at the best way to do it, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Currency Exchange Limited, All rights reserved. When you find a deal which suits your needs, you may want to check this against other firms, as well as banks and brokers. Other downsides include the exchange rate changing quickly, even within a day. Aftab Currency Exchange Ltd. Aftab Currency Exchange Ltd. is a UK incorporated Company that is part of the well-established Aftab group companies and has been operating in the North West of England since 2002. Check today's rates. When you are looking to send money overseas, you will find that there are a number of companies who will be competing with each other to help gain access to your business. Paymentsi. Our head office was the starting point of the UK success story when we commenced business with retail clients and two business associates but after obtaining our Authorized Payment Institution (API) from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) our company has set to become a global name specializing payment services. Just like anything, there are some downsides. Check today's rates. You should retain all your receipts as these will be very specific to you, and you may need these to fall back on later down the line. Some solutions may incur a fee, but these will be fully explained to you by the advisor before you are asked to make a decision. Ask the company you use about the receiver fees, and how much these will be. Rate Alerts. Charges for AFTAB CURRENCY EXCHANGE LIMITED (04502952) More for AFTAB CURRENCY EXCHANGE LIMITED (04502952) Filter charges Filter charges Outstanding / part satisfied 3 charges registered 1 outstanding, 2 satisfied, 0 part satisfied ... Gcp Asset Backed Income (UK) Limited (as Security Agent) Brief description. Set your target rate and we will alert you once met £0. Sending money within the UK BACS charge £0 Faster payments charge £0 Another downside is that the process can take age. Your IP Address Forgot Password? If you submit your details, the advice you will receive will be free of charge. It may take as long as 6 working days for the transfer to be fully complete. When we use our everyday banking, we have protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which means that if the bank goes bust, our money is protected. Currency Converter. Aftab Currency has made its television commercial for different type of communities to tel them, Aftab Currency is not only for UK and specific region because it… Aftab Currency Commercials [ ] Send Money to Worldwide on Vimeo When you are using companies such as Aftab Currency for your money transfer needs, you need to consider the hidden costs, including interest, fees and the exchange rates. Contact. Current exchange rates of major world currencies. Aftab Currency Exchange Limited (ACEL) is incorporated in United Kingdom with the Companies House, since 5th Aug, 2002 under registration number 04502952. Aftab Currency Alternative: You Can Use High Street Firms. The benefits of using a high street firm means are that you will have the opportunity to use a variety of services, including ‘instant transfers’ straight into the recipient’s bank account. Aftab Currency Exchange Limited is incorporated and regulated by following authorities: Head Office : Suite 602, Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP, United Kingdom. Kharian, Pakistan. Whether you are looking to send an instant one-off payment or you wish to send regular financial support for a family member, you should read our article to find out more about the options available. These lower rates can make be even more useful if you are setting up regular overseas payments. Aftab Currency Exchange, a UK based money remittance company having its business setup in more than 70 countries around the globe with its operational office in Pakistan requires suitable persons for the post of Social Media Marketing Officer.