Never played with unison but with rsync you just mirror stuff. Example:  include common. In such a case, if for instance there were changes made to the same file, only one of the two will make through, no? In informatica rsync è un software per Unix che sincronizza file e cartelle da una posizione all'altra minimizzando il trasferimento di dati utilizzando quando possibile la codifica delta.. Un'importante caratteristica di rsync che non trova riscontri in programmi/protocolli simili è che il mirroring avviene attraverso una sola trasmissione di dati per ogni direzione di comunicazione. In the question "What are the best personal file-syncing solutions?" I'm not going to benchmark against Aspera, since I don't have a server license, but I think as far as throughput it would go aspera,unison,udt > BitTorrent > scp,netcat,http,ftp,scp. Unison will let you specify which end takes prevalance in a conflict or it'll let you conform one end to the other. Author: Ben Martin Everyone knows and loves rsync, the command that lets you clone a directory tree to another disk or system with the ability to keep the clone fresh in an incremental and bandwidth-efficient manner. Navigating Postgresql – Command Line Login / Using .pgpass, Grow an ext4 Filesystem on a VMWare Esxi Virtual Machine, Move Over Rsync, Unison is Better at Bi-Directional Syncing. //