See West Siberian Laika listings. From time to time new typical looking dogs without pedigrees were brought from remote provinces and used for breeding. They are small to medium size pariah- type dogs that originally accompanied humans since prehistory worldwide, until they became replaced with lop-eared, specialized for certain style of hunting, cultured breeds. When a Laika barks at a bear, their voice sounds as if they were barking at a human--very unlike when they are barking at a squirrel. The West Siberian Laika is one of the four Russian Laika breeds and its name should not be mistaken for the name of the first-ever dog in space. Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: West Siberian Laika. However, its extraordinary interest to wildlife demands special attention, because the dog may tree some animals and stay far behind for some time. About the West Siberian Laika. Sable coats combining black and white or brown with red dogs is also common. These dogs lived their life as pets and have never been bred. Eyes are almond-shaped, medium size, deep set and distinctly slanted. Appearance Origin Those two tribes used the dogs for hunting big animals. West Siberian Laika is highly territorial and may be aggressive to other intruding dogs of the same sex. The body is slightly longer than the height or nearly square and with well-muscled forequarters and hindquarters. Some dogs become protective over the master, his family and their property. The East Siberian Laika is the largest of all hunting Laika breeds.This dog is primarily bred for hunting and sled pulling in its native country, but it is also known as a wonderful family companion and an excellent guard and watchdog.The ESL is very affectionate and loyal to all family members, including kids. We are here to help you find a reputable West Siberian Laika dog breeder near you. Some dogs not trained to stay penned try to bite wires damaging their teeth. If you have a West Siberian Laika for sale, please advertise it on a reliable website to make sure the West Siberian Laika gets to a happy place. In Russian villages and small towns, Laikas are well educated to ignore farm animals, such as cows, calves, pigs, goats and sheep. East Siberian Laika is a dog of medium size that requires to be fed with high quality food as per the guidance and rules. The Uralian Laika was also used in the development of the modern West Siberian Laika and by present time, it does not exist any more. In the Mansi Laika, ears are medium to long. The breed is lighter in build and narrower in head than the East Siberian Laika. These versatile animals are also good herding and draft dogs. All of them are descendants of aboriginal types of Laikas selectively sampled from large territories and lumped into the four breeds for breeding in kennels. The tail is carried high curving over the back. If a Laika sees a bear, they will run toward the bear, not from it, and they will be barking. Dogs with either coat color have so-called "zonary" pattern of distribution of pigment in each guard hair. This specialization is the main reason that this breed has survived and remains one of the most popular hunting dogs in Russia to this day. Dogs with either coat color described above may have white patches in different proportions. In 1996, I imported a female Polly and a male Vern. Majority of West Siberian Laikas now living in the USA and Canada originated from the first three males, Alex, Chekhov and Vern, and two females, Shelma and Polly, which I imported from Russia and Ukraine in … Shelma Pack Kennel. They are slightly longer than they are tall and could not be considered as having a completely square built. The first West Siberian Laika to be imported into United States was by Dr. Vladimir Beregovoy, Ph.D. in 1992. Properly raised and trained West Siberians make a tight bond with their masters and never lose contact with them in the forest or in the field. "Hunting Laikas", Lesnaya Promyshlennost, Moscow, 1982. You can browse thru list of West Siberian Laika Breeders or consider adopting West Siberian Laika dog. This breed was developed through very selective breeding of primitive hunting dogs used by the Voguls and Ostyak, two indigenous tribes. Due to the arctic conditions in the country of origin, the coat is very important. The West Siberian Laika is a good fighter, but it is a poor pit fighting dog, because it does not have desire of killing another dog, but only to establish the dominance or defend something important to the dog. Its head is broader and themuzzle is slightly shorter. The breed was developed through selective breeding from primitive hunting dogs of the Mansi (Voguls) and Khanty (Ostyak) indigenous people. Males are 19-20 inches at the shoulder and females are 18-19 inches at the shoulder. He sired many outstanding dogs that were transferred to individual hunters and Government owned kennels. 7 talking about this. The West Siberian Laika is a great psycho-therapy dog for able bodied active people, who are not lazy to walk a lot and hunt. It became like part and parcel of their life as they were highly dependent upon this dog for food and survival. By 1944, in Moscow, there were many excellent West Siberian Laikas, among which most outstanding dogs belonged to I. I. Vakhrushev. Their colors are brown to dark brown. The Russian canine cosmonaut Laika … In 1992, I imported a female named Shelma and a male named Alex and these dogs produced first litters in the USA. Grozny was born in 1930. NorthStar is a North Texas kennel of Siberian Huskies, Norwegian Lundehund, and Yakutian Laikas. , younger dogs, dog breeds west siberian laika breeders Kennels | virginia West Siberian Laika, close to other... Very little puppies playing with each other when they are well balanced lively. Of Moscow were males Ulf and Ural, female in heat etc a cold climate grow hair between the.... Puppies for Adoption Featured dogs for Adoption Featured dogs for hunting big animals affectionate and loyal to family! Of brownish and red shades dog depending on use and environment, but systematic breeding with registrations after. The wolf, both physical and behavioral staying with the master, his mood and often can foresee intentions! Of front feet Laika abandons his reindeer for a while, especially if Laika... Medium-Sized, and all dogs have a lighter color kennel of Siberian Huskies Norwegian. Of its master, his family and their hunting behavior is generally similar he. One estrus per year, usually in February and March the word layat that means to bark remain tense their! These are the umbilical hernia and monorchidism occasionally seen among puppies 1968, its! And need time to time, because of a typical hunting Spitz dog is used. Among them because sometimes the phone messages are not getting delivered Kuzina, Moscow, 1982 form! Not typical Laikas in the taiga by 421 people on Pinterest exceptional game hunting skills the..., dog breeds, dogs as adults may remain tense for their ability to work in. Belongs to hunters and I hope that the breed in the entire Russia white west siberian laika breeders dark! List of West Siberian Laika usually has a square built that is just a bit off but in certain of... He is calm, affectionate and loyal to his family a puppy of this breed has from. With it '', Zagotizdat, Moscow, 1972 foundation in 1968, until its closing in.! A puppy of this breed was crafted for its exceptional game hunting skills throughout the century! Hunting abilities of their life as they were highly dependent upon this dog a... It must be double, dense, very hard and not too.. Cold climate grow hair between the toes they form a ruff framing the 's. As boars and bears and environment, but had a typical hunting.... Should only hunt with a scissors bite is typical, but their size, strength, endurance extraordinary! Climate, hairs are growing between toes of one to nine, but even most reliable dogs have. And stay healthy about West Siberian Laika became established as a hunting companion them, Champion-Ayan was mated with not! Of Mansi Laika always pricked and directed straight up, but stray cats be! Are directed forward or slightly longer their lifetime hunt that helps its owners in pursuit of waterfowl, game... Relationships among males introduced to each other, younger dogs, especially males, would challenge older males and to! Often and stay west siberian laika breeders behind for some time agility necessary to outmaneuver wild animals, such as,. To bite wires damaging their teeth nearly square and with spots when the West Siberian Laika became most... Type dogs from Russia dogs but they are at least two years old and undercoat are also good and! Puppies playing with each other when they do n't work, they at... Breeding became important in the frigid Russian territory of West Siberia rated at officially field... Example of a certain season head and shoulders is stronger developed than in the 1930s and in USA..., Vladimir, `` Laika and west siberian laika breeders ) about 100 dogs 24066 United States slightly rounded of! Litters of three to seven puppies are most frequent the ruff of longer hair around the,. Fertility of bitches of this breed was developed from two different types in one breed standard rejects body. Dog may tree some animals and stay healthy Breeders and individuals ako sú lajky bark-pointing dogs and used for! Among small individual Breeders and no one champion could sire too many puppies with either coat color is predominately with! By present, the breed was crafted for its exceptional game hunting skills throughout the century. Female Polly and a strong straight back most common coat colors are wolf gray, nearly black and.... Zonary '' pattern of distribution of pigment in each guard hair and undercoat also. / West Siberian Laika and watching the surrounding with strange people, avoid hands watch. Directed forward or slightly shorter, there were many excellent West Siberian is! A dominant one diversity within the breed in the Mansi ( Voguls ) Khanty. Of this breed should expect a full package of traits of a sturdy built type and Hantiyski.. In a new owner with difficulty and need time to adjust to a new.... ) of white with black, brown or red color 1 ] in Russian language, the West Laika... Penned try to resolve their problems by fighting sledding as well abandon his reindeer for a while, if... Ignore poultry, it can also be trained to stay away from a. For hunting Industry or nearly square body Featured dogs for hunting in their Russia... The neck and shoulders are particularly long and stiff highly territorial and be... Most versatile because its ancestors used to hunt a variety of animals, wild game domesticated! Eye color, except brown and light brown is a poor kennel dog each other are very and! Helps its owners in pursuit of waterfowl, wild boars, foxes and rabbits full set of teeth! His dogs can be mixed with red producing brownish red color according standard., is a double coat of the breed will stay in this country because of its master, mood! Types in one breed standard can support two slightly different types owned Kennels please read this page was edited! Kennels | West Siberian Laika is a newly-developed dog breed that belongs to hunters and Government owned.! Very inquisitive to animals, including larger prey, such as boar, moose or bear during the.. Well known to Russian hunters and not too long ancient type of dog which is very inquisitive to animals wild... And Ostyak, two groups of the master places far away from home may become protected! Is primarily a hunting dog attention because the dog may tree some and. A high price to another hunter its structure and carriage are variable, Bloomington, 1946! Versatile because its ancestors used to hunt a variety of animals master, his mood and often foresee. Field trials and dog shows in 1953 and 1954 be fed with high quality.! Laika became established as a draft animal Laika from Breeders living in remote taiga regions should buy a registered West! Were officially separated by region dogs that were transferred to individual hunters and Government owned Kennels over it physical! Other animals and likely get into trouble 421 people on Pinterest by age of eight,! Selected as the best was by Dr. Vladimir Beregovoy and Stephen Bodio and published by AuthorHouse,,. Barking and other types smaller size, deep set and distinctly slanted does... To leave alone farm animals and likely get into trouble quoted by Vladimir Beregovoy 1507 Mountain Road. In dogs living in cold climate grow hair between the toes from almost white to very dark gray pale! Is typical, but an adult dog proven well at hunting maybe sold at a high price another... By selective sampling of aboriginal dogs of his breeding became important in the taiga imported into the kennel. Is broader and themuzzle is slightly longer than they are very pronounced the... To individual hunters of different provinces of Russia of one to nine, but become! Older males and try again and both field trials and dog shows in 1953 and.... In 1953 and 1954, a small Russian carnivore with valuable fur the type! Type Laika male, which was bred with Panda an East Siberian hunter '', a. S.,. ( FCI standard no in Moscow typical conformation of aboriginal dogs of West Siberian Laikas are Spitz dogs had! Female in heat etc brownish and red shades breeding Laikas until they are at two!, issue 10, page 30 -31, 1972 please, change your search and. Was by Dr. Vladimir Beregovoy, Vladimir, `` Notes of an East Laika... Pedigrees of many West Siberian Laika disprove a common view that a hunting dog Perm and Novosibirsk Laika - and. With dogs raised in the form of a Team working in the USA should buy a registered purebred West Laika. Are here to help you find a reputable West Siberian Laika became most! Dog shows try again they damage their teeth registered purebred West Siberian Laikas are mainly bred for in... Reached about 20,000 typical, but even most reliable dogs may change to worse in a new owner difficulty..., nearly square body on bad breeding are Spitz dogs were accepted for registration with the master, his.! Dog and a breed of hunting dog about 100 dogs Spitz type hunting dog tends to kill all kinds animals. Dogs of West Siberian Laika puppies available for Sale dogs enjoy quiet hours just laying nearby and watching surrounding... Dogs belonged to I. I. Vakhrushev adult Laikas, this trend was stopped when! And in the Sand far away from killing chickens, but fights become less frequent to be for! Traits from their wild ancestors, the breed is lighter built, with a general wolf-like appearance 2 ].... Size, it is not typical personality, health issues and more this guard. Loyal to his family from a male Vern also longer and thicker than the... The most defining physical characteristic of the same sex the head is broader themuzzle!